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An unemotional vacation

Just overdriven a little excess, the next steps of chaos... And never ebbing the source of flam... Don't know how to really take or say it... It's just nothin more as evryday it was and it's less confusing, then so much before. Life goes on. For sure. Life will drag me, cuz I don't carry it. The reason? Desultoriness... So how shall I take something into account, which never passed my way? Cuz my way is pathed with happyness and luck so there's no need, to step aside and to explore something, which can fill me out, but which can even rip my head apart. Okay, never lost braveness, but why shall I risk something for something I don't really want? Mh...false way to say. What may lay behind my target, could be what I desire, but why change my life, for such an opportunity? Let's knit on it, why ever change something, if all seems okay? Why risk to destroy, if everythings alright? Don't see a reason, don't see a privation, let's chill this season, an unemotional vacation...
13.12.09 17:06
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